What if you could tap into your greatest motivations and dramatically improve your relationships and accelerate your results?

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Join Best-Selling Author and Business Analyst, Dr. Munira Zahabi, for a Training Session That Will Revolutionize Your Marketing Strategies

February 13th, 9:30am CST

Discover The 5 Steps to Effective Goal Setting

Are You Ready to Set and Achieve Your Business Goals for 2024?

  • Unlock the secrets to setting goals to drive your small business forward in 2024!

  • Create a goal-setting action plan tailored to your business's unique needs for optimal success!

  • Gain insight into the 3 types of goals

  • Discover the 5 Cs for setting goals

  • Bonus: Complete your DISC profile at the end of the class

Secure your spot and equip yourself with the tools needed to set and achieve your business goals for 2024. Don't miss this opportunity to take your small business to new heights of success!"

Unleash Your Business Brilliance.


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